How to choose the best upright vacuum cleaner

Being a favorite product in US and Britain, upright vacuum cleaner proves its strength through many years. As you know, there are 2 types of vacuum cleaners. Each type plays specific responsibility in cleaning surfaces. The out-standing feature of a vacuum cleaner is absorbing hair, dirt and dust.

Normally, people often look for a smart tool with many effective components. Similarly, an upright vacuum cleaner is evaluated through different versions. There are some important factors for purchasers to choose a right upright vacuum cleaner.

choose upright vacuum cleaner

  1. Working performance

An upright vacuum cleaner works well on different floors. Therefore, depending on your requirements, we will have different aims at cleaning. The working performance of a vacuum cleaner is proven from its ability to pick up an amount of dirt, dust and hair. By using motorized and rotating brush, an upright can work more than absorbing hair. The power of the vacuum is expressed through wattage. An element comes with more wattages is considered to create a bigger amount of cleaning ability than a less efficient one. Moreover, we should pay attention to a machine with high HEPA statistics. The common suction of this tool comes from 12 amp motor.

Furthermore, an average reach of upright vacuum cleaner is 8.6m, which allows the compact ability when moving around our house. However, it is quite shorter than the others in same product range. Then, let choose a small and light-weight upright design for your moving.

  1. Convenience

Besides, most of upright cleaners come with sleek design of lacking awkward hose rather than other products. This leads to the ease of using as well as storage. In addition, a machine which has higher wattage will create more noise than the others. Thus, if your home has kids or the older, let consider to a better choice with high effectiveness and less noise. In addition, automatic shut-up button is also put into our choice.

  1. Price

In a common way, people often put price into their first consideration after working performance. Along with the fierce competition on household marketplace, there are many reliable vacuum cleaner brands such as Dyson, Hoover, Sebo as well as Miele. Most of them offer the affordable price around £180.

  1. Warranty

Let pay attention to a consumer support which is near your house for easy carrying and economic shipping. A longer warranty policy is a greater one.

In conclusion, there are many reasons for choosing an upright vacuum cleaner. If we follow these conditions, we will have chance to take advantages of a smart machine.

Top 7 gas pressure washers

Pressure washers are useful tools for a number of outdoor projects. You can use these machines to clean your home, vehicles, grills and others. Among these, gas-powered models are the most powerful ones that deliver a higher water pressure and a more powerful cleaning power compared to other types of pressure washers. As the result, these gas models can suit heavy-duty outdoor projects such as cleaning concrete pavement, paint stripping and cleaning siding.

What to consider when buying a gas pressure washer

There are a few things you should consider before making an investment. First, take the type, requirements of your cleaning projects as well as your cleaning style into consideration. Next, determine the PSI and GPM ratings you want. The higher these ratings, the more powerful the water pressure and the cleaning power. Projects of cleaning paint or oil stains will require a higher cleaning power than gutter cleaning or car wash. Last but not least, keep the accessories in mind. The best pressure washer needs to already include all necessary attachments you need to accomplish the projects. You can also check stores for available accessories whenever you want.

Top 7 gas pressure washers

Here are top 7 gas pressure washers we recommend to you.

  1. Generac 6020

The Generac 6020 is powered by a 196 cc horizontal shaft OHV engine that generates a pressure of 2500 pounds per square inch. Meanwhile, the high-performance axial cam pump provides a cleaning power of 2.3 GPM. The flow rate is multiplied by the number of PSI for a very high efficiency of cleaning. This is also a flexible pressure washer. It has 3 nozzle tips for working on multiple types of objects while including a soap applicator for applying chemicals when you want. By featuring an integrated spray-gun holster and allowing auto pressure release, the machine brings the highest level of comforts and handling. Measuring 17 x 27 x 21, weighing 82 pounds and coming with plastic wheels, it has great portability and maneuverability for working in the toughest conditions as well as moving around home with ease.

  1. PowerBOSS 20453

A 160cc Honda GC Engine and a maintenance-free axial cam pump found on your PowerBOSS 20453 work together to maximize the pressure up to 2600 PSI and the flow rate to 2.3 GPM. It comes with 3 quick-connect tips including 0 degrees, 15 degrees and 40 degrees while also allowing use of soap for hard cleaning sessions. The hose reach of 25 feet is long enough to clean a large area without having to move the machine many times. Other highlights include 1-gal cleaning detergent tank (1-Gal), Easy-Start technology, 10-inch NeverFlat wheels, Quick Setup Guide and Operator’s Manual. Last but not least, the machine is covered with a 2-year warranty by this manufacturer.

  1. Westinghouse WP2700 G

With the Westinghouse WP2700 G in hands, you can get the most fantastic experience of cleaning projects. It comes with folding handles and flat-resistant wheels for moving and storing the machine with ease. The hose reach of 30 feet is long enough for you to handle a large area without having to push your washer around your home frequently. This is also a lightweight pressure washer as it weighs only 57 pounds. Don’t let its lightweight body fool you. It includes an excellent engine that is EPA approved and easy to start. The engine is paired with a maintenance-free AR axial pump to generate a pressure 2,700 PSI with a flow rate of 2.2 GPM for any heavy-duty projects. Meanwhile, a 3-year limited warranty is also included for a higher level of comforts and satisfaction.

  1. Briggs and Stratton 20501

Get a faster and deeper cleaning experience with the Briggs and Stratton 20501. The pressure washer is powerful with a water pressure of 2700 PSI and a flow rate of 2.3 GPM. It includes 4 spray tips for cleaning multiple types of objects. Thanks to a hose reach of 30 feet, it’s quicker and easier to clean large areas. In terms of maneuverability, it uses wheels to transport on any terrain with ease while featuring foldable handles for easy storage. Meanwhile, a ReadyStart starting system makes starting your projects quicker and simpler than ever before.

  1. Maxus PW3005

Designed for heavy-duty cleaning projects, the Maxus PW3005 is really powerful and durable. Its 9-horsepower engine generates a pressure of 3000 PSI while the camshaft pump sprays water at the flow rate of 4.0 GPM. In terms of the durability, its powder-coated cart can dispose of concern about corrosion and rusts, also contribute to its long lifetime. Besides, this is also an easy to maneuver pressure washer. With helps of pneumatic tires, you can find it easy to transport the machine through the toughest terrain. That’s why it can run for multiple kinds of jobsite.

  1. Karcher 3200 PSI

As its name, the Karcher pressure washer is a 3200 PSI model. The water pressure makes it become one of the most powerful units on the market. This model is user-friendly as well. Specifically, the hose reach is extended for cleaning larger spaces while the storage area is right on the unit for reaching accessories quicker. Its 10-inch tires allow you to move the unit around with ease. Besides, handles can be folded down for quick storage when the machine is not in use.

  1. DeWalt DS3532

It’s very difficult to find another pressure washer that is more powerful than the DeWalt DS3532. With a maximum pressure of 3500 PSI and the highest flow rate of 3.2 GPM, it can get the peak of cleaning efficiency for a gas-powered model. Since most component parts are made of quality materials (a welded steel frame, a high-grade steel spray wand and a steel-braid reinforced hose), the machine is durable enough to stand the toughest projects. Other highlights include a total of 5 nozzle tips, an on-board storage area for accessory storage, 13-inch pneumatic tires for a great maneuverability and a 3-year limited warranty by manufacturer.

Choosing The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Your Home

Vacuuming home with a lackluster machine can be a daunting and frustrating task you can complete quickly and efficiently. But how do you choose the best item from a crowd of vacuums on the today market. Luckily, everything will be easily solved if you keep in minds the following buying guide which allows you to get the detail knowledge of features and vacuum styles. Check out the best resource vacuum cleaner reviews by Brian to know the Best Vacuum Cleaner For Your Home

How often do you clean?

Firstly, you should consider the frequency of vacuuming your home. Don’t be embarrassed if you are very busy and unable to do this task daily. In this case, a larger upright vacuum cleaner or canister vacuum cleaner with a more powerful motor should be a good choice. So the period of time between contiguous vacuuming sessions can be increased to a week or more. Vice versa, a light-weight stick vacuum is optimal for those who want to vacuum everyday. However, a stick model can’t be powerful enough if the constant cleaner has a large home with a wall-to-wall carpet. We recommend the Dyson Vacuum cleaner for your home

How much power do you need?

For some customers, the cyclonic action which sucks the dust and particles into the vacuum cleaner is the most important factor to improve the efficiency of cleaning tasks. For some others, the power of suction should be higher appreciated. Both opinions are reasonable. In fact, the suction power influences the air flow and agitation or the ability of penetrating and removing dirt from the carpet fibers as well as the level of filtration, then the efficiency of expelling debris. To get the accurate measurements of cleaning power, you should consider the air watts. A model is a powerful cleaner if it delivers the suction of over 200 air watts.

Which style is best?

Would you like to choose a bagless vacuum or a bagged vacuum? The best answer to the question depends on your vacuuming style. Bagless models help you eliminate the worry of losing suction and in most cases, the way you empty the bin is simplified with the touch of a button. On the other hand, a bagged vacuum delivers a more powerful performance and a larger capacity of capturing dirt, dust and pet hair. It also allows users to easily throw particles away without any exposure. However, canister vacuum cleaners have worse maneuverability than upright models and users also have to pay additional charge for replacement bags.

Are there any special features to look out for?

It’s important to check out the shape of the vacuum’s head. If you find a carpet vacuum, make sure that there is a carpet brush because it will lift more debris out of the carpet by combing through fibers.

Cordless models are very portable to carry around your home. However, you should make sure that the model has enough energy to run at least forty minutes.

How to choose the best indoor rowing machine

If you want to get fitness, don’t ignore indoor rowing machines. Thanks to challenging and motivating workouts, they allow you to get in shape with comfort even right in your own home. However, it’s not sure to assert that the indoor rowing machine you pick out is the best for your exercise routine. So what should you do to get the best one for you? Let’s learn more about different brands, then get helpful tips and find out the one which really wins out in the end.

Learn about different brands

As you know, there are many options of indoor rowing machine to choose from. You can easily get it them directly from their manufacturers or from retail outlets such as Amazon, Best Buy… Some great names that you may want to look at include the WaterRower, Concept2, Stamina, Carl Lewis, Bodycraft, and even Tunturi.

The Concept2 Rower

Concept2 is always early mentioned in the task of looking for an indoor rowing machine. These models have so many things to offer you. In addition to a great flexibility and versatility, they also come with well-built construction to last for years. Another plus point of the machines is the adjustable resistance system. Thanks to that, all users can get their optimal rowing workouts or challenge themselves at higher resistance levels. Among the range of Concept2 products, Model D and Model E stand out as two greatest choices that you should consider purchasing.

WaterRower Rowing Machine

Another option is the WaterRower rowing machine. The machine simulates how you row the boat on the river or on the water body to deliver true-to-life rowing experience while the adjustable resistance level is helpful as well. By taking these fluid workouts, the core muscles in your body can be strengthened a lot. There are different WaterRower models available in the market right now to suit every particular customer.

Getting helpful tips

Following are a few tips that are very helpful in this case.

Tip 1 – Take rowing machine prices into comparison.

At first, you need to compare the price tags of these models. Surely, you already have your own idea of the amount of money you will spend in mind before. Now, you can see some affordable models at the fixed price range and no longer need to waste time on so many other brands.

Tip 2 – Consider the value

It’s necessary to take the value of these rowing machines into consideration. A machine with a low price can be a great idea but not be a great value if it doesn’t comes with high quality. Before purchasing, you should make sure that the considered rowing machines can meet all of your basic and extra requirements.

Tip 3 – Get the general look at rowing machine options

For the purpose, you should bring these considered models into comparison. The suggestion is to make a comparison table which shows the price tags of the above products and what they deliver. You also give them particular marks and then find out the most outstanding one.

Tip 4 – Read reviews for the rowing machine

Reviews can be written by some customers or professionals. They make you have knowledge of the features, show experiences that other people have already had with the machine and give you helpful advices. As a result, you can learn about any problems to watch out for before making the final decision.

Find the best indoor rower

After looking closely at some brands, most customers agree that the Concept2 is the most outstanding name. Rowers from the manufacturer are famous for superior construction, great quality, affordable prices and more.

4 steps to find out the best gas grill for you

  1. Consider the constructions

You should look at how your gas grill is built first. If it is better built, that means you’re allowed to enjoy the higher level of durability. For the purpose of toughness, rust-protection and straightforward cleaning, a grill made of exceptional materials is recommended. Porcelain-enameled steel, stainless steel, and porcelain-enameled cast iron finish are the very best constructions. The lid should be considered as well. The lid is heavier, the build quality is greater. Besides, don’t ignore plate warming areas, utensil storage, table places…These extra unique touches are helpful so much in grilling sessions and of course, you have to pay a lot more of money.

find out best gas grill on the market

  1. Look at the burners and heat distribution

A charcoal barbecue relies on lava rocks or ceramic coals to grill the food. Although it still ensures an ok job, grease accumulation and flash fires resulting from the cheaper design. Using a gas grill might be a good solution to solve the problem. Thanks to using warmth distributing materials, the heat is circulated properly around food for even cooking. Besides, some gas grills use Flavorizer Bars to smoke drippings quickly and make your food taste better with a smoky flavor.

The number of gas burners is another important factor contributed to the value of a gas grill. The grill has more types of burner, the price point is higher. A model with only one burner can deliver uneven cooking resulting from “cold spots” while just controlling the flame across the entire cooking surface for single-task. Your gas gill should include two/three burner types for multi-task. However, don’t spend additional charge on side burners if you’ll most likely find that they are not in use.

  1. Consider the energy use

The number and size of burners is larger, the quantity of gas needed for powering the grill is larger. As you know, BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and it lets you know how much gas you need. Don’t hesitate to ignore a big design version with a substantial lower BTU rating in the comparison with similar sized ones. The reason is that a significant lower BTU rating is synonymous with poor energy output and becoming less efficient. In term of fuel type, you should choose a Propane model as a portable option because you can wheel it around a backyard or patio. Vice versa, a natural gas grill suits permanent outdoor kitchens. On the today market, there are more and more tools that can be used to convert natural gas grills into propane-liquid ones, and vice versa.

  1. Choose the best price point for you

You can choose the best gas grill from a number of gas grill types currently available depending on your demands as well as the price point you want. In term of the price tag, there are three types of gas gill including Budget, Mid-range and High-end. Budget models which are the cheapest type of grill come with the smallest designs and as a result, they are portable enough to suit narrow cooking space for a small party with just a few people. Mid-range grills are the most popular options on the today market. The grill grates on the Mid-range grills are generally larger for cooking larger portions of meat at the same time, which is helpful for a friends gathering of dozens of members. Meanwhile, High-end grills are the most expensive type of grill. These luxury versions not only serve the amount of food as much as mid-range ones do but also deliver the highest level of advantage thanks to greatest constructions of higher-quality material finish, larger space for storage and more types of burners.

Choosing a best juicer – main types for selecting

No doubt, nowadays juicing is popular with its incredible benefits in our lifestyle. Eating fruits and vegetables plain supplies our body lots of nutrients but juicing makes it better thanks to extracting more good stuff such as seed, skin, etc that can be thrown away in eating. Consequently, a juicer becomes an essential equipment for household. However, you do not know how to choose a best juicer because there are so many confusions caused diversified ones available in the market.

Choosing a best juicer for health

Thus, you need to understand clearly about types of juicing machines. Basically, there are five main types: Citrus juicer, Wheatgrass juicer, Centrifugal juicer, Single Gear Masticating Juicer, Twin Gear Triturating Juicer. The below summary will give you basic but specific information to compare to take the best one.
The first is Citrus juicer both manual and electric. Its price is quite inexpensive and it is easier to use as well as clean than other units. A simple Citrus juice maker typically loaded with a cone that only works with citric fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits , etc. All you have to do is to put the fruit against the cone and squeeze.

The second is Wheatgrass juicer with a flexible price. This sort, either manual or automatic, will be the best option for herbs because manufacture specifically designs it to do this job.

The third is Centrifugal juicer. It seems to be the most popular and affordable choice for customers who are finding an electric juicing appliance. This tool has a blade to cut the produce into small pieces and uses a sieve to spin them at high RPM then separates juice from the pulp thanks to a strainer basket with centrifugal force. At last, the juice and pulp are collected in different containers. Despite the fast speed and effective work, there are still some problems. Unfortunately, the high rate can lead to create the heat that destroys some enzymes, oxidizes nutrients and reduces yield as well as quality.
The next type is Single Gear Masticating Juicer with long warranty –up to ten years or longer. It operates by using an auger with blades to chew or grind produce and break down the hard cell through a spiral rotation. Contrary to Centrifugal juicer, this device spins at low speed that equals longer time to juice but produces less noise. Hence, heat can be less even none. The result is the oxidation of some enzymes as well as nutrients will be reduced to a minimum and we can get higher quality and quantity of juice. Of course, it is not cheap.

The last is Twin Gear Triturating Juicer – the most expensive but most beneficial. It runs at slower RPMs that builds no heat and maintains more vital enzymes as well as vitamins than other products. Its juicing process includes two steps: strongly crushing the ingredients into driest flesh then pressing juice with a maximum amount via interlocking twin gears. Moreover, this machine is very versatile and can extract any ingredient. Especially, like Single Gear, Twin Gear may be used to make nut butters, sauces, baby food, pasta and fruit sorbet. Common disadvantages of this juicer are necessary time to juice and cleaning plus with expensiveness.

Overall, each of juicer has its pros and cons. If you want to choose the ideal one that fits your demand and check out our post about “best juicer for health“, ponder on them to get the tool worth your money.

Best juicer for best health – Tips for choosing

Juicing, just in one glass, is the best way to meet your daily recommendation of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, a juicing tool at home is not a bad idea. However, you will encounter some difficulties because choosing it is not simply as you think. Different juicing process – time, start, result and steps – with different produces plus with different kinds of juice makers launched on the market all make you confused. As a “guider”, those following tips will help you own a best juicer of 2014.

Best juicer for best health

The first factor you should consider is your budget or how much you can spend on this unit. The expensive one may not be the most suitable one. Additionally, money will also determine which type you get at the end.

So, the second thing is juicer type. We often base on purpose and produce of juicing to find a high quality tool. Primarily, juicers, available today, can be categorized into Citrus Juicers, Wheatgrass Juicers, Centrifugal Juicers, Masticating Juicers ( Single Gear ) and Triturating Juicers ( Twin Gear). Citrus Juicers are the most basic ones with a really cheap price. However, this kind only squeezes out the juice from citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges. Wheatgrass Juicers are designed for wheatgrass or leafy veggies and extracted them manually or electrically. Centrifugal Juicers have the most affordable price and are great for fruits and vegetables but not leafy greens. They are loaded with a spinning disc which shreds fruits out of the pulp at high speed. Single Gear Masticating Juicers are more slightly expensive but can juice different types of fruits and veggies at low speed thanks to the motors that retain more nutrients. Meanwhile, Triturating Juicers are higher than single gears. They deal with all kinds of ingredients and make your juice rich not only in nutrients but also in enzymes.

The third one is yield. It is the amount of juice withdrawn from a specific quantity of fruits and vegetables. Of course, different juicers will supply different amount.

The next things include power, noise level and cleaning. The power depends on the hardness of the produce. Moreover, it will decide speed and time of juicing. So, look for a high watt not a high RPM to take least heat to minimize oxidation. The motor creates the noise but you need to know the fact that if you want a quiet one, it means you accept less power. Cleaning is always a tired step especially when you juice daily. Therefore, remember to check the complexity of the machine because flexible removing parts mean faster and easier cleaning. Also, make sure that the components are dishwasher safe in case you have a dishwasher.

The last thing is warranty. Actually, between a long time and a short time of warranty, you can feel the reliability of products. A device is guaranteed in a long time means that its quality is as it advised.

To sum up, you should make clear your aims and study reviews of juicers before purchasing a right juicer to get or stay healthy. Besides, go out for shopping to keep your fridge a bounty of fresh vegetables and fruits is also a necessary and important thing if you want to enjoy nutritional drink.

Choosing the right Smart activity tracker

The activity tracker is becoming a popular means to picture your daily movement via capturing data to gain the better health. It will tell you how many steps you do, how many calories you burn and how well you sleep at night. However, you are getting lots of difficulties with dozens of gadgets on the market. In spite of same technology and aim, each one has it own unique factor. To solve this problem, this following guiding can be useful for you.
The most popular Smart Activity tracker

Firstly, you should start with deciding what you want from the tracker. When buying something, you certainly have your own thought. You desire a device to record your sleep or not and where you like to wear this (on your wrist or your belt). So, keep them in your mind while searching more in social forum and from friends.

Secondly, narrowing you choice with some brands can reduce your effort and save your time. The well-known ones recommended are Fitbit (Fitbit Force, Fitbit Flex, Fitbit One…), Jawbone, Striiv, Nike, Basis , Jawbone, BodyMedia FIT  and more. Those ones are famous because they get satisfaction and high-rating of customers.

Then, you need to compare the important highlights and price tag of their products to take the most suitable one. Most activity trackers available today can monitor the common measurements such as steps – how many steps you walk, distance – how far you go, stairs climbed – how many stairs you climb, sleep – how well you sleep, calories – how many calories you burned and food – how much and which types of food you eat. Some can even read heart rate, connect to scales, blood pressure monitors and other devices as well as apps to let you know your health’s condition. Beside the named basic features, tracker’s design should also be cared.  Having the clip-on or the wristwatch depends on you. The clip-on trackers come with a handy clip on the back that can attach to belt and clothing easily without worrying about displaying your progress. Whereas, the wristwatch likes a snug but standard watch is engineered to carry anywhere.

To sum up, you have to consider cautiously the reviews of the Smart activity tracker to pick the perfect one with your budget. It directly relates to your heath in making the new you. Therefore, do not be reckless. There is always a tracker among a wide variety outside just for you.